Welcome to the Touchstone Program

The Touchstone Coin is a symbol of great value awarded to employees who display superior work ethic, commitment, care and compassion. Touchstones are awarded to employees who have achieved significant achievements in their role. Every full- and part-time Kindred at Home employee (home health, hospice, and personal and community care) who is in good standing with the company for at least six months is eligible.

There are four levels of achievement, awarded sequentially:





What qualifies as a significant achievement?

Examples of significant achievement criteria for administrative or sales positions:

  • Providing consistent and documented superior customer service
  • Significant growth in an account/branch/area
  • Consecutive years beating budgeted targets
  • Consistently exceeding job requirements, expectations or applicable performance metrics

Examples of significant achievement criteria for clinical positions:

  • CMS star quality rating status improvement at or better than 4 stars
  • Positive patient feedback on surveys or unsolicited sources
  • Serves as a role model for peers

How and when are Touchstone Coins awarded?

Awarded at a manager’s discretion, copper coins do not require approval from the Touchstone committee and can be given at any time. If you believe someone deserves a copper Touchstone, contact the employee’s manager and tell them why. (Request copper coins at KAHTouchstone@kindredathome.com)

Silver, gold and platinum nominations must be submitted to the Touchstone committee through the online nomination form . Upon approval, managers will receive the employee’s certificate of recognition and their Touchstone coin for presentation.

Being awarded a coin is an accomplishment worth celebrating. We encourage managers to make the most of these moments.

The committee reviews nominations on a continuous basis. Complete the nomination form and tell us why your colleague should be considered for this honor.